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Audiobook production can be more challenging than self-publishing a book. In order to produce a quality product, a team effort is needed. We would like to be a part of your team! If you are familiar with the process of having audiobooks produced, you will appreciate the various options we have available to you from the Silverton Agency. If having your book made into an audiobook is new to you, we will assist you in every way possible.

Our authors love working with us! We've made it a pleasant experience for dozens of authors new to audiobooks to get their print or e-books made into audio. We have a number of narrators in our community for you to select from, or we can work another of your choosing. We will also walk you through the production process and get your book into distribution with some of the most competitive royalty rates in the industry.

Your audiobook will be made available to over 20 major retailers (including Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Google Play and Downpour). Digital downloads are also made available to Overdrive for library distribution, the leading supplier of digital media to libraries. Our distribution partner has standing orders with over 800 libraries which are contacted on a regular basis.

Our authors love working with us! We have helped dozens of new authors get their books produced as audiobooks.




Let us produce your next audiobook.

Making books into great audiobooks. It's what we do!

Authors ... Publish An Audiobook!

Authors ... Publish An Audiobook!
There’s nothing better than hearing your words come to life!

Why use Silverton Agency, LLC?
We make it easy for you to produce your audiobook. You've spent long hours pouring your heart into your work and finding the right audiobook company is important. Here at Silverton, you will get a personalized experience and will not need to stress about the little details.

How we do that... Once you contact us with your character preferences, narrators who match your criteria will be notified. You can also reach out to narrators who you feel may be a good fit for your book and ask for an audition sample. Silverton works with a variety of professional narrators for you to choose from.

Let's face it, selecting the right voice(s) for your characters is imperative for a successful audiobook. Before you listen to samples from our various narrators, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind.
  • Is your book is single or dual POV. If it’s dual POV, would you want it narrated as such or as a duet? What’s the difference? Dual narration is recorded with the female recording the entire chapter written in their perspective (both female and male voices) and vice versa for the male narrator. Duet narration, the female narrator reads all of the women’s voices and the male narrator read records all of the men’s voices.
  • Do any of your characters have an accent?
  • The age of your characters.
  • Other characteristics that could play a role in selecting the best voice.
Visit our narrator’s page and listen to the variety of samples. If you're still not sure which voice(s) is right for you, we would be happy to assist you in finding just the right one.

After you select your narrator(s) you can negotiate your rate (or rates). If you choose more than one narrator (or if you wish to have dual POV narration), you will be given an estimated total price based on the total amount of finished hours it will take to complete your audiobook. You will be provided a ten to fifteen minute sample in case you have any feedback as to style or accent.

Your book is complete! Now what?
Silverton takes the burden off of your shoulders and sends your audiobook to our editors before it is sent to you for final approval.

A release date will be set, and your completed book will be available for sale via digital download on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, GooglePlay, and Downpour. CDs and MP3s will be available on Amazon, Downpour, and eBay. Library editions will be available for libraries to purchase. There are over 800 libraries which have standing orders with our distribution partner., the nation's largest supplier of digital content to libraries, will also make copies available for subscribing libraries.

If you’re ready to start your audiobook and/or have questions, please contact us.


Addison Barnes


Caroline Cole


Krista Kurtzberg


Meghan Kelly


C.J. Bloom


Natalie Van Sistine


Amber Lee Connors


Marie Hoffman


Sharon Huff


Chelsea Kwoka


Matt Haynes


Robert Burton


Connor Goff


John Pirhalla


RJ Bayley


Tanner De Bruyne



Working with the Silverton Agency was a pure joy! Their narrators brought my characters to life! A very easy company to work with, and I can't wait to work with them again!"

Joanne SchwehmBestselling and award-winning author of contemporary romance

We came into contact with Silverton when we selected Julie Lancelot as our narrator. They were instrumental in guiding us through the process of removing our audiobooks from ACX exclusivity into much wider distribution channels. This has been a major boost to our audiobook marketing and income. Silverton has been a pleasure to work with."

Ken & Deborah RaneyRaneyDay Press

Working was Silverton was a pleasure because of their responsiveness, attention to detail, and adherence to schedule, but what was truly spectacular about Silverton was their ability to sign on my dream talent for the project. I am so proud of the audiobook version of THE NINE and I know listeners have been impressed as well. As an audiobook junkie myself, I am aware of the importance of this medium and I felt totally comfortable putting the project in their hands. I would highly recommend Silverton to any author hoping to produce a high quality audiobook."

Jeanne McWilliams BlasbergAuthor of THE NINE


Narrators with audiobook experience are welcome to join our community. Authors may view your profile and listen to your samples on our narrator page. We work with both the author and editor which allows you to focus on what you do best - performing the audiobook. We work as a team to provide the author with the best possible production.

You specify the PFH rate you would like to receive for your narration. When an author reviews your profile page, they are shown your rate. They are invited to "Make an Offer" at a rate lower than your displayed rate. You are then presented with this offer. If the book is of interest to you and would enjoy doing the book at the lower rate, or need fill-in work, you can accept or make a counter-offer.

If an author posts a book that matches your preferences, you will receive notification and can submit an offer and request to narrate.

Once the offer is accepted, we handle all of the production, editing, and contact with the author. You supply us with only raw audio - no editing needed. We can also work with you if you are working with an author and produce the book for you.

If you are a member of SAG-AFTRA, and the rate is above the minimum, we can send your narration fee to a paymaster who will make the contribution to your account and send your portion to you.

Non-US narrators welcome.

Contact us today!


Silverton Agency Overview

Silverton Agency Overview


Silverton Agency works with authors, narrators, and producers to provide a seamless experience in bringing audiobooks to life. Once in production, you will be provided a 15 minute check to approve. During the editing and production process, we proof the audio against the script. When errors are found, the narrator(s) are requested to record corrections and we will edit them in. We provide a no-hassle, turnkey audiobook production service, with all-inclusive pricing. Our goal, when the book is completed, is to provide you with a professional, error-free production, including background music with the credits. The agreed-upon rate with the narrator(s) includes our production fee. There are no additional charges for multiple voices within the book.


Distribution to retailers and wholesalers is handled by our distribution partner, Blackstone Audio. Distribution through Blackstone provides greater residual sales and royalties than other distribution companies, and you will receive as much or more royalties than with other distribution outlets. Blackstone Digital Audio distribution includes more than 20 retail and wholesale channels, including Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, Audible, Downpour. Blackstone also produces CD's for distribution to retailers, wholesalers, and libraries. Blackstone has standing orders with over 800 libraries. Digital titles are also made available to, the premier digital content provider in the US for library patrons.

Titles we produce will be included in Blackstone's print catalog which is distributed to libraries, resellers, and distributors after the book has been released for about three months.


We pay authors 40% of the net sales* in royalties for digital sales, and 18% for physical media (CD's).**


We provide an estimate for the total production before we begin. We request a 25% deposit to be paid when the 15 minute check sample is approved, based on the estimated total finished hours for the book. The balance of the payment is due when final production is approved by the author or within 10 days after production is completed.

General Notes:

If an author has a specific narrator selected to record a book, we can work with that narrator. We will also attempt to contact narrators for authors. All narrators who record titles for us must meet minimum quality standards. We provide a separate agreement for each title produced (no blanket contracts).

Blackstone has a 10-year exclusive, due to their extensive marketing efforts and investment in CD production. Distribution is world-wide, unless requested otherwise. Authors keep all rights to their books.

*Net Audiobook Sales Price:

An audiobook book may have a list price of $19.95, but may be discounted for a variety of reasons, including promotional pricing or sales to audiobook club members (such as a Downpour or Audible), who pay a flat fee for X number of books per month). The “Net Sales Price” is the actual sales amount which is included in your royalty reports.

**CD Royalties

Royalties are 18% of net sales for physical media (CD's), as production and labeling is provided at no additional cost to the author, and shipping is free to the retail purchaser.  Authors will receive a complimentary copy of the CD set, and may purchase CD's at 50% off of the retail price (in lots of 5 or more, plus shipping) for use in promotions or other personal appearances. Please contact us for more information.

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Blackstone Audio

Blackstone Audio

Silverton Agency has partnered with Blackstone Audio for the distribution of audiobook titles we produce.

Founded in 1987, Blackstone Audio is a privately owned company currently employing 150 full-time staff in Ashland, Oregon. Blackstone Audio has worked for over twenty-five years to uphold their trusted global brand in audiobook publishing and production. Blackstone Audio currently boasts a catalog of over 14,750 titles with 100+ new titles being added each month, and offers the finest in contemporary fiction and nonfiction, as well as the world’s great classics. Their title collection includes Pulitzer, Nobel, Man Booker, PEN/Faulkner, Hugo, and National Book Award winners, as well as countless New York Times bestsellers. The authors are as varied as the books themselves, including such names as A.A. Milne, Stephanie Laurens, J. R. R. Tolkien, Suzanne Brockman, Ian Fleming, C. S. Lewis, Ayn Rand, Gabriel García Márquez, Chuck Palahniuk, T. C. Boyle, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Karin Slaughter, and many more.

Ashland, Oregon has been named Google's 2014 eCity of Oregon for the second straight year. Awards were given out by Google, which included Blackstone Audio as an innovative business. 

In addition to publishing, Blackstone has sought to become a turnkey production and distribution solution for outside partners. They are committed to bringing entertaining and thought-provoking stories to as many people as possible. Amongst other things, Blackstone is tailored to fit the needs and unique offerings of each partner, executed with efficiency, attention to detail, and the unparalleled flexibility only a completely in-house production model provides. Blackston prides itself on creating custom solutions that adhere to their consistently high standards of quality and service to which they are well known for throughout the industry. 

Each title they distribute is rigorously edited and proofed to ensure correct pronunciation and word-for-word accuracy. This effort has garnered us over 325 AudioFile Earphones Awards and 52 Audie Awards, as well as multiple Grammy nominations and wins.

The Blackstone commitment: 

Blackstone releases audio editions in the following formats: Consumer Digital, Library Digital, Consumer CD, MP3 CD, Library CD

Direct to consumer: is an audiobook retailer offering tens of thousands of the best audiobooks as digital downloads or on CD and MP3 CD. Downpour is dedicated to providing the best experience for audiobook lovers, offering premium products from virtually every audiobook publisher, top-of-the-line customer service, free apps, and free shipping on every order in the US.  Audiobook listeners can enjoy the flexible “no membership needed” shopping option, and every download in the store is completely unrestricted and DRM-free for easy listening across any number of devices. With thousands of new titles added each month, has something for everyone.

Digital Market: Trade and Library

Blackstone's digital market sales have more than doubled in the last seven years. They currently work with more than twenty-five digital partners, in both the trade and library markets. To name a few they work with:,, iTunes, Nook, Kobo,,,,  AudiobooksNow, Audiobookstore,, GooglePlay,, Baker & Taylor, Midwest Tape, Recorded Books, Bibliotheca, Mackin, Bolinda, Storytel, and many more. They are constantly pursuing new partnerships domestically and internationally, and intend to proactively increase our visibility and exposure in this fast moving marketplace.

Wholesale/Retail Market (Physical Media)

Bworks with almost every major book and media distribution company in the U.S. and Canada including Readerlink, Ingram Book Co, Baker & Taylor, Ingram Entertainment, and Micro Marketing to market and distribute their line of titles. In addition, they work directly (and sell and market to) all of the major book and media distribution company in the country, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Costco, Books-A-Million, Indigo Books & Music, and many more.  They are consistently participating in vendor co-op opportunities such as shared markdown promotions, best-seller tables, end-caps, counter-top, and front-of-store promotions. They have a wonderful working relationship with their vendors and buyers and their in-house production capabilities allow them the flexibility to meet the needs of the ever changing retail market.

Library Market (Physical Media)

Blackstone currently has a sales outreach to over 20,000 librarians, utilizing both field representatives and telemarketers. Each one contacts an average of 100 libraries a week (via phone and/or face-to-face) and attends approximately 20 library trade shows per year. They count over 800 standing order plans in their portfolio.

Marketing and Publicity

Blackstone has strong relationships with trade publications and national media outlets to provide publicity opportunities for new audio releases, as well as standard marketing in their distribution channels.

What makes Blackstone Different

  • Titles will be available in five different formats and they'll use their expertise to market and promote your titles in all markets.
  • Knowledge of the marketplace for over 30+ years.
  • Supported by state-of-the-art technology
  • Staffed by over 225+ enthusiastic and passionate people.

Entertainment Weekly said: "Blackstone is the best unabridged audiobook company in America today."

Additionally, Blackstone now has an exclusive distributor for Blackstone Audio Inc. across the Commonwealth library market.

*Source: Blackstone Publishing

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