Nathaniel Gray

Bio:  Nathaniel Gray has a deep love for the sound and feel of the human voice, and enjoys using his to create meaning, feeling, and mood. He creates a compelling experience for readers, immersing them in the world that the author has created.

 A doctor of Linguistics, Nathaniel can tackle a wide variety of accents, vocal styles, and dialects in his narrations (and is always up for a new challenge!). A lifelong reader of literature, fantasy, science fiction, romance, and non-fiction, he finds the most gratifying aspect of narration to be the opportunity to fully immerse himself in a wonderful book by bringing voice to its characters.

Accent Capabilities: Nathanial is able to confidently narrate any accent (e.g., French, Norwegian, Italian), any major dialect of English (e.g., Australian, South African, Irish), and any regional dialect of North American English (e.g., Boston, Southern, Canadian, mid-atlantic).

Preferred Genres: Fiction: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Mystery, Literary Fiction. Non-Fiction: Open to many kinds of projects, but Science, History, and Autobiography are his favorites.

Rates: $250-$350 PFH R/S and R/S+ will be considered.

Audio Samples: Blank Spaces by Cass Lenno Blank Spaces Sample.mp3x
His Fate by A. K. Graves His Fate.mp3