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There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing your words come to life!

We make it easy for you to produce your audiobook! You've spent long hours pouring your heart and soul into your book. We will help you find the right voices for your audiobook. Silverton Agency provides personal service. And you will not need to stress out about little details. We are one of the best production companies available.

We will discuss your narrator preferences, and those narrators who match your criteria will be invited to perform your book in audio. Or, you can bring your own! Silverton Agency works with a number of professional narrators We also work with SAG/AFTRA voice actors.

You can have one or ore voices for your book. When choosing narrators for your book, here are a few points to ponder:
  • Is your book a Single or Dual POV? If it’s a dual POV, would you like it narrated as such (Dual Narration: each narrator performs a separate section) or as a Duet (male/female narrators each perform their own lines)? 
  • Do any of your characters have an accent?
  • The age of your characters.
  • Other specifics that could play a role in selecting the best voice.
You can visit our narrator’s page and listen to a variety of samples. If you're still not sure which voice(s) is right for you, we would be happy to assist you in finding just the right one and ask narrators to provide samples from your book.

After narrator selection, rates are negotiated. You will be provided with an estimated total price (which is based on the book total word count). You will receive a 10 to 15 minute production sample prior to our starting production, which will provide you with an opportunity to provide feedback as to style or accent.

Our prices are all-inclusive, which includes narrators fees, SAG/AFTRA fees (if any), editing and mastering, and distribution. Once the recording is complete, we proof the audio against the script before it is sent to you for final approval. You will also get an estimated distribution date at that time.

We can provide you with completed, mastered audio or we can distribute your completed book for you, to be purchased via Amazon, Audible, iTunes, GooglePlay, Downpour, and about 30 other major distribution channels. CDs and MP3s are available for purchase on Amazon, Downpour, and eBay. Library editions will be available for libraries to purchase. There are over 800 libraries which have standing orders with our distribution partner., the nation's largest supplier of digital content to libraries, will also have copies available for subscribing libraries.

Authors can also purchase CDs for a deep, discounted price. Great to have at book signings or for give-aways.

Let us help you start your audiobook production or have questions, please contact us to get started!  --Thanks