Amanda Stribling

Bio: Amanda has recorded close to 150 books (give or take a chapter) and is in the industry by being completely obsessed with reading and audiobooks, while also having a flair and passion for performance. She has a natural Southern accent but can also take you from Savvy Socialite to California Girl to Southern belle faster than you can say  “Bless Your Heart”.

Accent Capabilities: Standard American, Southern American, Northeastern, British.

Preferred Genres: Romance, YA, Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller, Gen Fiction.

Rates: $300-400 PFH. Royalty Share determined on a case-by-case basis.

Audio Samples: 

Love Redesigned by Jenny Proctor loveredesigned_s.mp3

Hat Trick by Coralee June and Carrie Gray hattrick_s.mp3

Fate of Crowns by Rebecca L Garcia Fateofcrowns_s.mp3