Meghan Kelly

Bio: Meghan Kelly is a proud member of SAG/AFTRA and has narrated 350+ audiobooks in the genres of Romance, Comedy, Paranormal, Fantasy, Cozy Mysteries, Thrillers and Erotica. After ten years of being on the "other side of the business" as a Franchised Talent Agent/Casting Director, Meghan decided to pursue her own performance aspirations. She now works full-time as a narrator, voice-over artist, and singer.

Accent Capabilities: Full narrative: American, Midwest, and Southern

Secondary characters: English/British, Canadian, Russian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Asian and Irish.

Preferred Genre(s): Romantic Comedies, Paranormal, and Cozy Mysteries.

Rates:  RS+ $75-$100PFH, $250-$400PFH.

Audio Samples: 

Excerpt from Love S*x Music by Michelle A. Valentine Contemporary Romance M/F 

Excerpt from Not Your Average Engagement by Cassie Mae Romantic Comedy

Excerpt from The Thief Trap by Jonathan Moeller  Urban Fantasy