Jonathan Waters

Bio: Classically trained actor of stage, screen, and voice with over 200 titles to his name, currently, and over ten years experience behind the mic. Jon is a powerhouse of performance that is enjoyable to the ears. And yes, he does the voices too. 

Accent Capabilities:  American General, American Southern ("Plantation" and “Hillbilly"), American Eastern General, American West coast. RP, Cockney, Estuary, Scottish, Irish, German, Russian, General East European, Spanish, Jamaican, and Italian.

Preferred Genres:  Fiction, Epic Fantasy, Mystery, and Romance.

Rate: $250- $300 PFH. R/S decided on a case-by-case basis. 

Audio Samples:  We Who Burn by Merethe Walther We Who Burn - Merethe Walther.mp3

Crux: Dragon Brides #1 by Kate Rudolph Crux - Kate Rudolph.mp3

Soldier of Rome: The Last Campaign by James Mace The Last Campaign - James Mace.mp3