Nick Walther

Bio: Nick Walther is a NYC-based audiobook narrator, voice actor, and stage actor. Nick is a dynamic narrator with a particular knack for crafting compelling first-person narrations and character voices, especially in YA fiction. When he's not narrating audiobooks, he's working as a voice actor on cartoons, video games, film dubs, and as an actor for virtual (due to the pandemic) theater projects.

Preferred Genre(s): Young Adult Fiction (first-person and third-person), Educational Non-Fiction for children and young adults, Fantasy/Sci-Fi (especially YA), Humor

Accent Capabilities: Full narration; General American, Southern U.S., Boston/New England, New York, British (General), and Eastern European. 

Major characters/dialogue; Irish, Scottish, and Western U.S.

Minor characters/dialogue; Australian and Italian.

Rates: RS+ ($50-100 PFH), $200-$300 PFH

Audio Samples:

Excerpt from Golden Arm by Carl Deuker
YA Narration   

Excerpt from The Promised Land by Elizabeth Musser

YA/ Southern Accent  

Excerpt from Wild Minds by Reid Mitenbuler