Nick Walther

Nick Walther

Nick Walther is an NYC-based audiobook narrator, voice actor, and stage actor. Nick is a dynamic narrator with a particular knack for crafting compelling first-person narrations and character voices, especially in YA fiction. When he's not narrating audiobooks, he's working as a voice actor on cartoons, video games, film dubs, and as an actor for virtual (due to the pandemic) theater projects.

Accent Capabilities: 

Narration Samples:
YA Narration    From Golden Arm, a first-person YA novel about a young baseball player from a
    low-income background with big dreams of making it to the major leagues.

YA/ Southern Accent  From The Promised Land, a first-person YA novel with the narrator hailing from Atlanta, Georgia.

Children's Education  From the Hello Beautiful series of audiobooks intended to educate younger listeners, appx ages 5-10.

Nonfiction  From Wild Mind, a non-fiction book dealing with the history of animation in the United States.

Sci Fi Sample  From Born to Run, a third-person science fiction novel.

Project rates: RS+ ($50-100 PFH), $200-$300 PFH