Whitton A. Frank

Bio: Whitton Frank is a classically trained actress and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She currently works in voiceover, theater, TV, film and gaming as well as narration. Her voice ranges from happy and vivacious to dark and sultry. She adores being able to use her acting skills to bring books to life as a narrator.

Accent Capabilities: General American, Queen's English, British RP, Northern English, Irish, Scottish, Russian, Brooklyn, Plantation Southern, Kentucky, Texas, Cockney, and French.

Preferred Genres: YA, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Erotica, and Romance.

Rates: $250-300 PFH, R/S

Audio Samples: Excerpt from Empty Threat by Danny Bell 01 Sample - Empty Threat.mp3
Excerpt from Neptune’s Chalice by M.J. Feinauer 02 Sample - Neptune's Chalice.mp3
Excerpt from Submitting to The Cowboy by BJ Wayne 03 Sample - Submitting to the Cowboy.mp3