Matt Haynes

Bio: Matt Haynes is an Audible-Approved, internationally acclaimed narrator with over 80 titles to his credit. He has narrated books in a wide variety of genres including Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Memoirs, Self-Help, Business, Horror, Biographies, and Comedy. His voice series on YouTube has over 90 videos to enjoy and learn from.

Accent Capabilities: 

Brazilian, Colombian ,Mexican, Western Rural Canada, San Fernando Valley, Texan, American South(General, Rega, Georgia, Appalachian, Virginia, Mississippi), African American English (Urban), Cuban, Jamaican, Hawaiian, Transatlantic, Puertorican, New Orleans Yat, New York (General, Queens), Yiddish, Rhode Island, Boston, New Hampshire, Downeast Maine, Midwest, Minnesota, Chicago (North Side), Lakota, Canadian (Toronto, Newfoundland), Irish, (South Dublin, Northern Ireland), Scottish, (Edinburgh, Working Class, Upperclass, General), British, (RP Regal, RP Contemporary, Western Farmland, Northern England, Cockney), Greek, Maltese, Italian, Spanish (Central Spain), French, Dutch, Swiss, German, Swedish, Czeck, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, South African, Ugandan, Persian, Arabian, Isreali, East Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, South Korean, Japanese

Preferred Genre(s): Romance,‌ ‌Nonfiction,‌ ‌Comedy

Rates:  $300 PFH. Available for R/S+  

Audio Samples: Excerpt from Tomorrowland: Scenarios for Law Firms Beyond the Horizon by Bruce MacEwen  Tomorrowland Retail sample (002).mp3

Excerpt from Murder at Pirate's Cove by Josh Lanyon COVE RETAIL SAMPLE.mp3

Excerpt from Ferron's Journey: Part Two Hidden by J.P. Sayle FERRON II RETAIL SAMPLE.mp3