Natalie Van Sistine

Bio: Natalie is a voice actor, audio engineer, and writer with over ten years of experience. Her passion for audiobooks and audio drama were what initially led her to voiceover, and she has since gone on to work in commercials, anime, video games, audio drama, and much more. She currently lives in Dallas with her dog Nico and enjoys reading, crafting, and giant robots. 

Accent Capabilities:  Standard American, American-Southern, Standard British (RP), Russian, Experience with: Italian, Spanish, Irish, and Scottish.

Preferred Genres: YA, Middle Grade, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Paranormal.

Rates: R/Splease inquire for stipulations, Royalty Share Plus: R/S + $50-$75 PFH, PFH projects: $200-300,

Audio Samples: Excerpt from The Elysium Project by Natalie Van Sistine NatalieVanSistine_TheElysiumProject.mp3

Excerpt from Beneath Your Stars by Natalie Van Sistine NatalieVanSistine_BeneathYourStars.mp3