RJ Bayley

RJ Bayley

Narrator Bio:
An accomplished full-time narrator with four years of experience, RJ’s voice has been described by peers as a "well-weighted baritone, balanced and deep at the same time."

He has a natural neutral British accent with an intelligent character with a mild northern lilt for that trustworthy, relatable flavor. He’s extremely adaptable though and capable of many convincing accents, or anything you throw at him.

RJ’s broadcast quality home studio consists of a fully acoustically treated room, RØDE NT-1A microphone, Reaper digital audio workstation, and Izotope RX7 for clean-up and mastering for that high-end sound.

He’s narrated over thirty audiobooks with more currently in production.

Friendly, reliable, professional define his working relationships. RJ takes direction well and always makes sure you’re happy with his narration or your work.

He maintains he’s not trying to ruin his career by deafening himself with heavy metal while walking his border collie.

Audio Sample:
RJ Bayley Demo.mp3

RP/BBC, Heightened RP/Prestige, Neutral British, Cockney, Yorkshire/Northern, West Country, General Irish, General Scottish, General Welsh, Afrikaans, General American, Texas/Southern US, West African, German, French, Australian, Russian/Eastern European

Project Rates (PFH, R.S, R/S+):
$250 pfh but flexible. RS & RS+ determined on a project by project basis.