Marie Hawkins

Bio: Marie Hawkins is an experienced voice actress whose love for reading is what inspired her to become an audiobook narrator. Her passion for helping authors immerse listeners into the world of the books can be heard through the existing novels she has narrated, where she helps bring their stories to life and gives their characters a voice. 

Accent Capabilities: General American, Southern American.

Preferred Genres: Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Sci-Fi, and Young Adult. 

Rates: $200-$300 PFH, R/S info: open for smaller projects and Royalty Share Plus (author pays for post-production costs - $100 PFH).

Audio Samples: 

Stupid Love by Danielle Dexter Marie Hawkins_Stupid Love.mp3

Theirs by Penny Crane Marie Hawkins_Theirs.mp3

Wolf Moon Magic by Lindsey Loucks Marie Hawkins_Wolf Moon Magic_Paranormal.mp3