Tom Haire

Bio:  Tom has balanced a high-paced restaurant career with a steady and dramatic performance background for nearly twenty years. Once he discovered audiobooks, he put his full effort behind it. As of summer 2021, Tom has added several books and studio rosters to his resume.

He wants to tell all stories that will honor the author's voice, thrill the listener, and help him grow in this new profession. Challenges are always accepted. When Tom isn't in the booth, you will find him manically cooking in the kitchen.

Though it has not been easy, it has been an incredible ride. Stay tuned to what Tom Haire does next!

Accent Capabilities: General British, Cockney, Scottish, Irish, Australian, NZ, French, German, Russian, Scandinavian, General Eastern European.

Preferred Genres: His voice suits the Thriller and Romance genres. Although Non-Fiction interests him, as well. 

Rates: $300-350 PFH and is open to royalty share.

Audio Samples: 

Film Studies: An Introduction by Ed Sikov NONFICTION_Film.mp3

Talon by Sybil Bartel TOMHAIRE_DEMO_ROMANCE.mp3

The Gasman Cometh: A John Cesari Novel by John Avanzato TOMHAIRE_DEMO_THRILLER.mp3