Sharon Huff

Bio: Routinely rated 5 stars for her audiobook narrations, Sharon’s rich and nuanced reads take books to the next level. She loves living every character and getting into the middle of every moment of a book and bringing it to life.

Born one of those kids who read books while walking home from school, she loves literary fiction, true crime, humor, sci-fi, fantasy, history, thrillers, and mysteries. Boy, does she love mysteries!

Improv and character voices are her thing. Having a home studio makes it easy to work on a tight schedule, with very little noise. Plus, she gets to record in her pajamas.

“I was incredibly impressed with her skilled performance. She handled Charlene's prickly, kick-ass persona with plenty of spirit, and she used the perfect amount of inflection and emphasis to highlight the various moods of the story.”-review of Kiss and Tell by Luke Murphy, Audible

Preferred Genre(s): Mysteries, Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Self-Development. Is okay with sexual content, excluding erotica or pornography.

Accent Capabilities: Most regional American-Californian, New York, Southern, Texan, British-RP, cockney, estuary, Northern and Southern Irish, Europe-Russian, French, Italian. *Can acquire dialects easily.

Rates: $200-$400 PFH or Royalty Share for select books.

Audio Samples: 

Excerpt from A foundation of Fear by Kim McMahill Sharon Huff_Thriller Fiction.mp3

Excerpt from Touch no Evil by J.R. Rain & A.K. Alexander Sharon Huff_Humorous adventure fiction.mp3

Excerpt from Monster Story by McCarty Griffin Monster.mp3