Sharon Huff

Sharon Huff

Bio: A theatre actor in Canada, Seattle, and for thirty years in the San Francisco Bay area. From theatre to on-camera, and then on to fifteen years strong in the roller coaster of voiceover work. I love that I can record in pajamas and how my voice can roam the world.

Having a home studio makes it easy to work with a tight schedule. Great with characters, dialects, warm and nurturing, authoritative, smile in the voice, always engaging, and occasionally sassy. I am quick to respond and make sure your standards are met.

Genres: Mysteries, Thrillers, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Self-Development,

Content: Sexual content yes, but no erotica or pornography.

Accents: Most regional American-Californian, New York, Southern, Texan, British-RP, cockney, estuary, Northern and Southern Irish, Europe-Russian, French, Italian. 

*Can acquire dialects easily.

Rates: $200-$400 PFH or Royalty Share for select books.

Audio Samples:

Sharon Huff_Thriller Fiction.mp3

Sharon Huff_Supernatural fantasy.mp3

Sharon Huff_Parenting Book Sample.mp3

Sharon Huff_Humorous adventure fiction.mp3

Sharon Huff_Detective Series.mp3