Penelope Graham

Bio: There's a running joke in my family, that all my stories ended with "and then..." because I couldn't seem to relinquish the spotlight. From an early age, I was passionate about learning accents and imitating interesting voices. Now, I do that for a living. With over 100 audiobooks recorded, my work includes books from award-winning authors such as Richard Roberts and Hy Conrad. I am known for my work in Mystery/Thrillers, Rom-Coms, and for distinguishing a cast of characters with different voices and accents. I look forward to working with you on your future project!

Accent Capabilities: British, Australian, New Zealand, American Southern, Bostonian, American Western, Indian, Russian, Spanish

Preferred Genres: Mystery, Thrillers, Rom-Coms, Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Fiction, Women's Fiction, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy

Rates: Royalty Share, Royalty Share Plus, PFH $200-$400

Audio Sample: Excerpt from Please Don't tell My Parents I'm Queen of the Dead by Richard Roberts Queen-of-the-Dead-Narration.mp3

Excerpt from Street Smart by Aly Stiles Narration Sample_ Street Smart by Aly Stiles.mp3