Waceke Wambaa

Bio: Waceke Wambaa is a Kenyan-American who loves people and stories. Her voice carries the inflections of the mysteries of our world. From her original headliner days as "...that Doggie in the window, the one with a waggly tail." (2nd Grade), to working in healthcare, and participating in local theater, Waceke brings her varied life experiences into all of her reads. In addition to voice acting, Waceke is a motivational podcaster, writer and that “Tata” auntie, to her nephews and nieces.

Accent Capabilities: First-generation Kenyan-American (East African English), British-RP, General US. Can also do shorter dialogues with West African, South African, Arabic, French, German, Scottish.

Preferred Genre(s): 

Nonfiction: Biographies/Memoirs, Academic/Science, History, Business, Philosophy/Christian.

Fiction: Mystery/Crime, Suspense/Thriller, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Children’s Fiction, Classics.

Rate: $375-450 PFH

Audio Samples: Excerpt from The Last Nomad by Shugri Said Salh: Non-Fiction_Waceke Wambaa.mp3

Excerpt from The Copper Scroll by Joel C. Rosenberg: Fiction_Waceke Wambaa.mp3