Veronica Pace

Bio: Zak Forsman describes her as a “fearless artist with boundless enthusiasm for doing good work.” Veronica's consistent work on independent films, national commercials like Ameriprise and Comcast (alongside Amy Poehler) and most recently in Roswell, Walker, and other productions solidify her as an actor with range, vulnerability and a profound understanding of her craft and instrument. She is also a talented as a singer/songwriter, and her sultry voice will bring life to any audiobook she narrates.

Accents: American, Spanish (Fluent in Spanish)

Vocal styling(s): Sultry, professional, news reporter, announcer, valley girl, young adult, animated, magical, and fairy tale characters. 

Preferred Genre(s): Thriller,‌ ‌romance,‌ ‌sci-fi,‌ ‌and‌ ‌children’s‌ ‌books.

Rate:  Royalty Share, RS+,  $225-$350 PFH, depending on the project

Audio Sample: Excerpt from The Recipient by Audrey J.Cole  Sample from "The Recipient"  (2nd Narrator, Marcio Catalano)

Excerpt from Just Folking Around by Penny Reid JFA Sample.mp3