Hannibal Hills

Bio: Award-winning actor Hannibal Hills originally trained for the stage, but transitioned to audiobook narration in 2017. With over one hundred productions to his name, Hannibal specializes in character-driven storytelling and is most recognized for his work in horror and comedy.

Accent Capabilities: Standard British RP, plus all dialects of the British Isles, Southern and Northern Irish, Scottish, Australian, South African, and American.

Preferred Genre(s): Horror, Comedy, Science Fiction, Literary Fiction, Humor.

Rates: $300-400 PFH. Royalty Share considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Audio Samples: 

Excerpt from The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin by David Nobbs Hannibal Hills - Audiobook Comedy Demo.mp3

Excerpt from Bright Day by J.B. Priestley Hannibal Hills - Audiobook General Fiction Demo.mp3

Excerpt from Slugs by Shaun Hutson Hannibal Hills - Audiobook Horror Demo.mp3