Chelsea Kwoka

Bio: Chelsea is a voiceover actor based in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband and young son. She graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre in 2010 and has been a professional actor since, working in film, television, voiceover, and stage productions. Her extensive training and varied body of work help her create rich, dynamic characters in the world of audiobooks, where she gets to play both casting director, and all of the roles. When she isn't in her home studio, Chelsea loves hiking around southern California and the surrounding area and tries to spend as many weekends camping as possible. 

ACCENT CAPABILITIES: Accents vary and as a trained actor, she feels confident mastering any number of accents with prep. Accents previously performed: Southern (Florida, North Carolina, Texas), English (RP), New York, Cuban, Turkish, Transatlantic. Along with varied ages of characters 5-65 (male and female)

Comfortable with adult content, and do believe my voice lends nicely to those categories (husky, raspy, warm). However, I am more interested if the author identifies as female.

PREFERED GENRES: Currently interested in all genres!

RATES: $60 - $90 PFH (depending on content and difficulty). Royalty Share and mixed payment projects welcomed.

AUDIO SAMPLE: Excerpt from Forgetting what I Couldn't Remember by Angelina Singer  Chelsea Kwoka - Audiobook Sample.mp3

Excerpt from In Search of The Beloved by Marian Rizzo ChelseaKwoka_InSearchOfTheBeloved_Sample.mp3

Excerpt from The Thing I'm Most Afraid Of by Kristin Levine ChelseaKwoka_TheThingImMostAfraidOf_Sample.mp3