Chelsea Kwoka

Chelsea Kwoka

ACCENT CAPABILITIES: Accents vary and as a trained actor feel confident mastering any number of accents with prep. Accents previously performed: Southern (Florida, North Carolina, Texas), English (RP), New York, Cuban, Turkish, Transatlantic. Along with varied ages of characters 5-65 (male and female)

Comfortable with adult content, and do believe my voice lends nicely to those categories (husky, raspy, warm). However, I am more interested if the author identifies as Female.

PREFERED GENRES: Action/Adventure, Mystery/Thriller, Young Adult. Also prefer female writers and strong female leads.

RATES: $60 - $90 PFH (depending on content and difficulty). Royalty Share and mixed payment projects welcomed.

AUDIO SAMPLE: Chelsea Kwoka - Audiobook Sample.mp3