From our narrator pages, authors can view your profile and listen to your samples. Narrators with audiobook recording experience may request to join our roster. We work as a team to provide the author with the best production possible, whether you provide us with raw audio or punch-and-roll audio, which allows you to concentrate on what you do best - performing the audiobook.

You specify the PFH rate you would like to receive for your narration. When an author reviews your profile page, they are shown your rate. They are invited to "Make an Offer" at a rate lower than what you display. We will present this offer to you. If the book is of interest to you and would enjoy doing the book at the lower rate, or need fill-in work, you can accept or make a counter-offer.

Once the offer is accepted, we handle all of the production, editing, and contact with the author. You supply us with only raw audio — no editing needed. We can also work with you if you are working with an author and produce the book for you.

Upon acceptance of the offer, we handle all production, editing, and contact with the author. If you are working with an author, we can also produce a book on your behalf. If you prefer, your narration fee can be sent to a SAG-AFTRA paymaster who will contribute to your P&H account and send your portion to you.

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