Silverton Agency Overview

The Production Process

Silverton Agency offers a hassle-free experience for authors, narrators and producers to bring audiobooks to life. Once your book begins production, you will be provided a 15 minute check to approve. 

As part of the production process, we proof the recorded audio against the script. Whenever mistakes are spotted, the narrator(s) are asked to record corrections will integrate them into the recording. 

Our comprehensive package for audiobook production comes with all-inclusive pricing plus no unwelcome surprises. When completed, you'll have a professional product free from errors at the agreed-upon rate. 

Audiobook Distribution

Through special arrangement, our distribution partner, Blackstone Audio, handles the distribution to retailers and wholesalers. Authors receive as much or more royalties than with other distribution outlets. Blackstone Audio supplies more than 30 audiobook channels, such as Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, Audible, Downpour and CHIRP. They also create CDs for distribution to retailers, wholesalers and libraries, and have standing orders for over 800 libraries. Digital titles are also made available through OverDrive is the leading digital content solution provider for secure, worldwide distribution of audiobooks to online retail and library partners.

About three months after the book has been released, titles are included in Blackstone's print catalog, which is distributed to libraries, resellers, and distributors.

Estimated Production Cost 

Before we begin, we will provide an estimate for the total production (a Per-Finished-Hour rate, based on word count of the book). All narrators who record with us must meet minimum quality standards. We will also attempt to contact specific narrators at an authors' request. We provide a separate agreements for each title we produce (no blanket agreement).