Silverton Agency Overview


Silverton Agency works with authors, narrators, and producers to provide a seamless experience in bringing audiobooks to life. Once in production, you will be provided a 15 minute check to approve. During the editing and production process, we proof the audio against the script. When errors are found, the narrator(s) are requested to record corrections and we will edit them in. We provide a no-hassle, turnkey audiobook production service, with all-inclusive pricing. Our goal, when the book is completed, is to provide you with a professional, error-free production, including background music with the credits. The agreed-upon rate with the narrator(s) includes our production fee. There are no additional charges for multiple voices within the book.


Distribution to retailers and wholesalers is handled by our distribution partner, Blackstone Audio. Distribution through Blackstone provides greater residual sales and royalties than other distribution companies, and you will receive as much or more royalties than with other distribution outlets. Blackstone Digital Audio distribution includes more than 20 retail and wholesale channels, including Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, Audible, Downpour. Blackstone also produces CDs for distribution to retailers, wholesalers, and libraries. Blackstone has standing orders with over 800 libraries. Digital titles are also made available to, the premier digital content provider in the US for library patrons.

Titles we produce will be included in Blackstone's print catalog which is distributed to libraries, resellers, and distributors after the book has been released for about three months.


Authors receive 40% of the net sales in royalties for digital sales, and 18% for physical media (CD's).


We provide an estimate for the total production before we begin. We request a 25% deposit to be paid when the 15 minute check sample is approved, based on the estimated total finished hours for the book. The balance of the payment is due when final production is approved by the author or within 10 days after production is completed.

General Information:

If an author has a specific narrator selected to record a book, we can work with that narrator. We will also attempt to contact narrators for authors. All narrators who record titles for us must meet minimum quality standards. We provide a separate agreement for each title produced (no blanket contracts).

Blackstone has a 10-year exclusive, due to their extensive marketing efforts and investment in CD production. Distribution is world-wide, unless requested otherwise. Authors keep all rights to their books.