Zura Johnson

Zura Johnson

Bio: Zura Johnson is an accomplished stage and voice actor, as well as a visual artist and illustrator. Some of her acclaimed projects include The World Premier of The Terrible Girls, in Philadelphia, and live radio productions of A Christmas Carol as The Ghost of Christmas Past, and Mrs. Cratchit. 

Zura has established her own recording and art studio, SnowInk. In addition to her voice over work, she enjoys drawing mandalas and creating handmade cards. She loves having adventures with her children, from bike rides and baking to camping and Cub Scouts. Her family has traveled throughout Asia and Australia.

Accent Capabilities:  American regional dialects, RP, Contemporary RP, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, Russian, Character Voices

Rates: R/Splease inquire for stipulations, Royalty Share Plus: R/S + $50-$75 PFH, PFH projects: $250-300

Audio Samples: 

Excerpt from Rootabaga Stories by Carl Sandburg Playful Children's Book 

YA Teen Playful
Sultry, Suspense_Thriller - First Person