We make it easy for you to produce your audiobook! Once you list your book on our site, narrators will be notified if your book matches their preferences. You may also reach out to narrators who you feel may be a good fit for your book and ask for an audition sample. 

There are no fixed rates for narration services. Once you've selected your narrator, you can negotiate your rate. If you select more than one narrator (for books such as Dual POV), you can negotiate different rates for each.

You will be given an estimated total price, based on the total amount finished hours of your audiobook. You will be provided with a 10 to 15 minute sample book in case you have any feedback as to style or accent. 

Completed books will be available for sale via digital download on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, GooglePlay, and Downpour. CDs and MP3 CDs are be available on Amazon, Downpour, and eBay. Library editions are made available for libraries to purchase. There are over 800 libraries which have standing orders with our distribution partner., the nation's largest supplier of digital content to libraries, will also make copies available for subscribing libraries.

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