Kaleigh Kirby

Bio:  I've always been a storyteller, be it on stage as a performer trained in dance and music theater, in an arena as a professional dancer and cheerleader, or in the courtroom when I left performing to study law. And every day as mother to the toughest audience - my children! In narration, I've returned to my creative roots. I've returned to storytelling.

Accent Capabilities: US Southern, German, Spanish, Various US Eastern dialects (Regional NY, Boston, Rhode Island), several Eastern European dialects, Irish, UK dialects.

Preferred Genres: Suspense, Horror, Mystery/Thrillers, Fantasy, Sci-Fi.

Rate: $275-350 PFH. Open to R/S.

Audio Samples: The Train Jumper by Gwen Banta Train Jumper Demo (1).mp3

The Hunted by Chrissy Lessey The Hunted- Website Demo- Fantasy (1).mp3

Comfrey, Wyoming by Daphne Birkmyer Comfrey WY additional (1).mp3