Authors ... Publish An Audiobook!

Authors ... Publish An Audiobook!
There’s nothing better than hearing your words come to life!

Why use Silverton Agency, LLC?
We make it easy for you to produce your audiobook. You've spent long hours pouring your heart into your work and finding the right audiobook company is important. Here at Silverton, you will get a personalized experience and will not need to stress about the little details.

How we do that... Once you contact us with your character preferences, narrators who match your criteria will be notified. You can also reach out to narrators who you feel may be a good fit for your book and ask for an audition sample. Silverton works with a variety of professional narrators for you to choose from.

Let's face it, selecting the right voice(s) for your characters is imperative for a successful audiobook. Before you listen to samples from our various narrators, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind.
  • Is your book is single or dual POV. If it’s dual POV, would you want it narrated as such or as a duet? What’s the difference? Dual narration is recorded with the female recording the entire chapter written in their perspective (both female and male voices) and vice versa for the male narrator. Duet narration, the female narrator reads all of the women’s voices and the male narrator read records all of the men’s voices.
  • Do any of your characters have an accent?
  • The age of your characters.
  • Other characteristics that could play a role in selecting the best voice.
Visit our narrator’s page and listen to the variety of samples. If you're still not sure which voice(s) is right for you, we would be happy to assist you in finding just the right one.

After you select your narrator(s) you can negotiate your rate (or rates). If you choose more than one narrator (or if you wish to have dual POV narration), you will be given an estimated total price based on the total amount of finished hours it will take to complete your audiobook. You will be provided a ten to fifteen minute sample in case you have any feedback as to style or accent.

Your book is complete! Now what?
Silverton takes the burden off of your shoulders and sends your audiobook to our editors before it is sent to you for final approval.

A release date will be set, and your completed book will be available for sale via digital download on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, GooglePlay, and Downpour. CDs and MP3s will be available on Amazon, Downpour, and eBay. Library editions will be available for libraries to purchase. There are over 800 libraries which have standing orders with our distribution partner., the nation's largest supplier of digital content to libraries, will also make copies available for subscribing libraries.

If you’re ready to start your audiobook and/or have questions, please contact us.